Note: None of the following resources are to be construed as professional advice or treatment, and the author does not have access to the content of any of the following links. These are simply offered as potentially helpful resources to investigate.

2017 AYC Chronic Pain Presentation Materials:

Will Hamilton- Pain Physiology Slides

Libby Hinsley- Nervous System Sensitization

Lisa Sherman- Yoga and Acupressure Slides

Lisa Sherman- Inflammation Slides

Lisa Sherman- Weekend Summary


Asheville Resources:

Asheville Integrated Acupuncture/Lisa Sherman LAc
Injury Recovery/Stay Active Clinic
Non-violent Communication/Assertiveness Training
Asheville Yoga Center and Asheville Donation Yoga Center
Mindfulness and Meditation
Volunteering: Brother Wolf, Sierra Club, or Help the Homeless
Senior Education
Asheville Support Groups
Additional Asheville Support Groups
Asheville Resources for Seniors
WNC Tai Chi for Arthritis

Meditation and Mindfulness Audio:

Mindfulness For Health and Happiness

MBSR Guided Meditations

Additional MBSR Guided Practice

UCLA Mindfulness Audio
Tirch’s Guided Self-Compassion Exercises
Neff’s Guided Self-Compassion Exercises
Free Mindfulness
30 Days of Free/Online Yoga


Support Groups:
Asheville Meetups
Brain Injury
SMART Recovery
Other Asheville Support Groups

Useful Apps:
Mindfulness Training
Insight Timer
Head Space
BuddhifyHeadspace for Pain Management

Symptom Charting
Migraine Buddy
ACT Companion
Drink Control
Symptom Tracker

Habit Change and Efficiency
Balanced App
Habit Hub

Worksheets and Resources:
Diet and Exercise Advice
CBT Worksheets
Adult Therapy Worksheets
Mental Health Recovery Worksheets
Cognitive Efficacy Strategies
Mindfulness and Chronic Pain
Integrative Medicine Handouts

Self-help Books:
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Stress Management
Pain Management
Communication and Assertiveness
Couples Conflict:
Couples with Substance Abuse
When Things Fall Apart
A Path With Heart
Full Catastrophe Living
Meditation and the Brain

Additional Self-Help Resources

Professional Resources:
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
MindfuMindfulness-Basedtive Therapy
Compassion Based Cognitive Therapy
Research on Compassion Practices
Recent Neurofeedback efficacy studies
Understanding Nutrition, Depression, and Mental Illness
Information on Concussions and Post-concussional Symptoms
Inflammation and Mental Health
The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Use Issues
General Psychology Education Resources
Searchable List of Inpatient and Residential Facilities

Psychology Blogs:
Psychology Today
Rick Hanson
Greater Good