When I began treatment with Will I was a shell of the person I had previously been. I was fighting a war with my mind and losing, I felt that I was a lost cause. Will is the kind of clinician that fully embraces that change does not happen overnight, and he will do all that he can to help someone who is putting forth effort to heal. At the beginning I was barely able to make it out of bed, Now, 5 years later I’m not simply surviving, but thriving. I’m working a job that I love as well as going to school to make my dreams which I thought were lost a reality. Without Will’s patience, knowledge and unwavering compassion I know I would not be where I am today. He gave me the tools I needed to build a better life for myself. I am forever grateful.

I found that Dr. Will was easy to talk to even from the very first visit. He gave me careful listening, well-timed questions and interjections, and practical skills that I found easy to apply to my individual situation. Dr. Will helped me to see my chronic pain issues in a manageable new perspective, giving me control and putting me on the path of getting and staying healthy.

“Ropes, not snakes.” Dr. Will said I was the first patient of his to come to my first session with him asking for exposure therapy. But I was beyond desperate to put an end to the pathologically nervous feelings I was having. These obsessive feelings manifested themselves in compulsive hand washing. Dr. Will and I began the exposure therapy with each other by taking small leaps of faith. This eventually turned into taking bigger risks with more and more positive outcomes. Like touching dirty toilets and sticking our hands in dumpsters. How could this possibly lead to anything positive. Pretty nasty…right???? Well feeling the sheer horror of exposing others to supposedly deadly germs, sometimes my own germs was resulting in my own bad behavior. I was willing now to live my life instead of planning my death… My family and I have made good progress in healing and forgiving each other. I now know there is no magic wand. Recovery is not always linear. With Dr. Will’s help I take larger and larger leaps of faith. Not just with exposure therapy but with life experiences like interpersonal relationships and facing every day stress head on. Like the man in Dr. Will’s story I have made it through the night to daylight to find that that the room I feared in the dark to be filled with cobras is simply filled with harmless and useful ropes…

After suffering for years with PTSD, first as a child, and later as a law enforcement officer, I found help in coping with my symptoms, learning my triggers and finally found relief from my night terrors and social anxiety. I followed the recommendations of Dr. Hamilton to journal, log my dreams, and to do exposure activities. In addition the biofeedback sessions seemed to be highly effective in my treatment. I also suffer from TBI and have experienced migraines for years. I no longer suffer.


Dr. Will’s approach very rapidly pulled me out of the gloomy smog I was living in. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone seeking a better way of living without depression.