Ketamine Assisted Mindfulness Program

112Ketamine Assisted Mindfulness Program (KAMP)

Psychedelic medicine often references the importance of set and setting (personal attitudes and a supportive environment) in maximizing the healing potential of whatever substance is being used. As a medicine, Ketamine has a strong evidence base for helping alleviate depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain, although we can improve its therapeutic effects through using formal mindfulness and compassion training in a warm and friendly group of other practitioners.

This group is specifically intended for people using physician-prescribed ketamine at home, but wish to do so in a more ideal set and setting. Each session will include a brief check-in, a 20 minute psychoeducational or pragmatic mindfulness talk, followed by a 20 minute guided meditation themed around cultivating Awareness and Compassion, followed by a 30 minute group conversation.

This is a drop-in group, with no paperwork or commitments. Just come, be respectful, try the practices, and see if it benefits you. This is a donation based group (suggested donation $20) payable via Paypal or Venmo (link). Once you’ve donated, you will be forwarded a zoom link for that evening’s session.

We meet every first Friday of the month from 12:00p – 1:30p EST on Zoom.

Please respect the confidentiality of other group members by not discussing their identities or personal matters with anyone else. Please be discreet in terms of what you share to the larger group as we cannot guarantee others will respect your confidentiality. Here is how to anonymize your Zoom information.

Dr. Will Hamilton is a neuropsychologist and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy provider in Asheville NC, and he often treats adults with complex medical concerns and trauma using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Internal Family Systems. He has been a contemplative practitioner for over 20 years, including extensive studies in Theravada Buddhism, Vajrayana, yoga, and tai chi. He is an authorized teacher in the Buddhist Geeks lineage, which emphasizes pragmatic and social dimensions of Awakening.