The Polyvagal Ladder

Excellent article discussing psychophysiology from the polyvagal theory, which helps to explain how trauma and chronic pain are so commonly associated, as well as how curative it can be to learn to train the mind towards safety and connection –¬†article

Pain is Weird

Excellent article on on pain physiology, and the effect the brain and beliefs have on pain intensity

Eight Keys to Forgiveness

In this excellent article, Robert Enright, PhD discusses various reasons and methods on how to develop a more compassionate and forgiving mind. Good stuff! have a read here

So Many Reasons To Meditate…

In a manner similar to flossing or exercise, meditation is an act of basic (mental) hygiene. Whatever reason that helps you to practice is sufficient… but if you needed 76 more of them, have a look through this recent blog post that summarizes some of the most...