Practicing in Asheville NC, and able to provide telehealth services throughout North Carolina and most other states.  Click here for updated map of available practice states.

‘Walking through Swamps’ Towards Well-Being

In any given year, approximately one third of Americans will qualify for a mental health diagnosis (if they were to be asked the right questions by the right provider). It seems more the norm than the exception to find oneself stuck at some point, whether it is from pain, deteriorating health, trauma, anxiety, depression, or relational issues. It can be like finding oneself stuck in a swamp. In treatment, we learn to courageously traverse the swamp through skill development, self-compassion, humor, and the willingness to face difficult experiences. It’s not because we like swamps- it’s just that the only way out of swamps is to walk through them- to where we really want to go.

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

Evidence-based Psychotherapy often focuses on skill development, facing one’s fears, doing more, accepting the current moment as it is, and changing one’s habits.

Dark Night Yogis

Many long-term contemplative practitioners have difficult experiences while deconstructing themselves, and Dr. Hamilton enjoys helping others complete their meditative journeys. 

Mindfulness & Compassion Training

Dr. Hamilton is an authorized mediation instructor within the lineage of Buddhist Geeks, that emphasizes the pragmatic application of contemplative techniques to a modern lifestyle. 

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Now offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in collaboration with Living Medicine Institute, as well as preparation and integration surrounding altered states of consciousness.

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